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Signing up to Shapes is simple and easy. Become a member today and join an active community of people like yourself that will enhance your life. Sign up for a free trial video or step right in as a full time member. There are options available to best suit your needs and to help you become the best version of yourself. Signing up is as easy as filling in your basic information and verifying your account. A healthier, fitter and more energetic you is on the other side.


Now that you’re signed up and ready to go, there are options at your fingertips. Check out our library of videos that cater to all your varying needs. There are cardio Pilates videos for those who would like to include some cardiovascular exercises in their workouts with the aim of losing weight, as well as dynamic Pilates videos that tone and sculpt your muscles, help your posture, and define your unique shape. Select a video targeting different areas of the body you’d like to work on, such as legs and bum, upper body, core, or you can choose full body workout. The videos range from 15 to 25 minutes in length and you can repeat them twice if you have time and to feel more empowered as you know the routine, and perhaps be guided just by my voice. Once you’ve picked your videos, depending on your price package, you can add them to your cart and purchase your videos, or on a premium plan (monthly or annually), add all your preferred videos to your own personal library for you to workout using any whenever you want.


Now the fun begins. Get your yoga mat out, or using any other soft surface of choice, begin your exercise in your own personal space and time. Push yourself to the limit or take it at a steady pace. Shapes videos are your gym kit, ready to go wherever you are! With each exercise, feel the change and watch as your body transforms into a new shape. I recommend to do Shapes videos at least three or four times per week to achieve visible results, ideally vary workouts between body parts as in the below weekly example: Monday: full body, Wednesday: gluteus and legs, Friday: arms, Sunday: core.


Choose the membership level that suits you and your lifestyle. Cancel or pause your subscription online, anytime.




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£180 per year (£15 per month)

- All the benefits of monthly membership.

- Free consultation with Paola.

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- Payment upfront save £60 per year.


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